Should I speak to an interior designer or architect before contact a builder?

You may, however we have several designers and architects that we strongly recommend.

Should I speak with a builder first?

Yes, a good builder should have a group of professionals that he knows and trusts.

How do I find all the fixtures and fittings for the project?

A good designer can help you in this department, or we have suppliers you can select from.

Will a large-scale renovation affect the resale of my property?

In the majority of cases a renovation will increase the value of your home above the amount that you spend on the renovation. A high-quality renovation generally represents a large return on your investment.

How do I find a builder I can trust?

This is one of the most important decisions you have to make. Check the contractors licence and insurances of your prospective builder. Check the references from past clients; speak with them at length, they will give you a clear idea of how well you can trust a builder and whether they brought a job in on-time and within budget.

Please be wary of builders that give you a significantly lower price upfront; many times this price will increase substantially during the course of the project if all details were not clearly defined in writing when the contract was signed.

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